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We couldn’t help but to recreate this super easy, super fashionable look.  As we all know, Kendall Jenner is a fashion icon and she wears her clothes well!  In this pic, she’s spotted in a classic look with a current twist.  Her tank is cropped , showing a bit of skin & her pants are super trendy, high waisted with a wide leg.  The girls at the Beach Barn love this look but need it to be a little more wearable, so we did just that!
We grabbed our Blondie cropped tank & our Lenore pants. We needed an extra light layer so we threw on the Easy Button Up & we were off for the day! The Blondie is the absolute perfect crop, it hits right at the waistline of your high waisted pants.  And the Lenore pants are seriously the softest pants you’ve ever felt.  They’re casual with a high waist & a wide leg.  We love the extra layer to give it a little something extra.  The Easy Button Up was the answer for that! Instead of heels like Kendall, we opted for something a little more comfy, but we love the look with a heel as well.